Eat Generously 

Eating in John's Landing is convenient yet delicious. Dining-in is easy because of the proximity of Zupan's Markets and its quality products; you might have a busy lifestyle and need access to quick eats or full service restaurants. All of these characteristics are manageable in the area because it has well established businesses. View those businesses today with Business Directory.

John’s Landing has a few select restaurants that have become quite famous in the Portland area. Those are Buffalo Gap, Corbett Fish House, Fulton Pub & Brewery, Jolly Roger at John’s Landing, and Reo’s Ribs. Coffee shops are somewhat limited in the area, but local businesses are encouraged over corporate based shops.

Throwing a picnic at Willamette Park is convenient because ample parking is available, picnic tables feature river views, and plenty of lawn space is always open, all without a hassle – you could even take a ride on the trolley while hanging at Willamette Park.

If you’re looking to cater a large party or business occasion try contacting Bamboo Hawaiian Grille.

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Eating in John’s Landing is easy with our Business Directory!

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