Sellwood Bridge Construction Starting next Month

Final Design

Detour Bridge Video

Construction of the temporary Sellwood bridge is set to begin next month. The detour bridge will provide a gateway for locals while construction of the new Sellwood bridge occurs. 

Throughout this winter and spring, the contractors will install new piers in the water to support the temporary bridge. Once the piers are set, the steel deck trusses from the existing bridge will be lifted with hydraulic jacks to the temporary piers. The contractors have experience with this type of move, and say it will actually be stronger (once moved) than the existing Sellwood bridge. For this hydraulic move a seven day closure is scheduled for this summer. You can expect about 30 closures throughout the entire project. 

The original cost for this project was $331 million, but it has sense been reduced to $268.8 million. So far Multnomah County has secured $246.1 million. The county is applying for a federal grant for the remaining gap, but is considering a postponing improvements to the interchange from Highway 43.

The new bridge is scheduled to be completed in late 2015. 

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