Portland Aerial Tram Closed through Monday


Oregon Health & Science University and The City of Portland confirmed Wednesday the Portland Aerial Tram will be closed this weekend for maintenance. The city of Portland will be performing maintenance on the 'tow rope', they'll be shorting the rope in length and preforming maintenance. Of the three cables holding the tram in the air, the tow rope is the middle cable. The two outside cables do not move, but the inside tow rope moves the cars up and down the hill. In 2010, the city of Portland replaced the tow rope for the first time. The average lifespan is about three to five years and costs about $200,000. 

During the shutdown, shuttle buses will be provided during normal tram business hours every 15 minutes. Officials said to expect 30 minute rides during peak times. Bike racks will be available to use on each shuttle bus.

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