Willamette Athletic Club For Sale


      The Willamette Athletic Club (WAC) is for sale in the John's Landing neighborhood, the adult only athletic club has been in existence since 1982. Since the declining economy started in 2008, membership at the WAC has also declined. Residents have often assumed the WAC was exclusive and only for the wealthy upper class, this confusion has also contributed to the decline in membership - a member confirmed this, "People have an image of the WAC being stuffy, exclusive, and 'cliquey'. But really that's not the case at all. Most of the members do come here for a little pampering, but we're high-spirited and accepting of all kinds of folks." 

     Local enthusiasts are in support of a rejuvenation process, others think the real estate would be a great addition to the South Waterfront district. Both would require a new owner and some kind of renovation and/or tear down. If a new owner continues to run the space as an athletic club, he or she can expect more potential from John's Landing residents, rather South Waterfront residents. This is because the condos in the South Waterfront already come included with an onsite gym. 

[Photos via Willamette Athletic Club]

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