Corbett Avenue Speedbumps

Over the past three weeks you may have noticed the new speed bumps being installed on Corbett Avenue. The bumps are apart of the SW Corbett - Boundary to Nebraska Phase 2 project. The upper portion of Corbett has been using speed bumps for quite sometime, this tactic is to help reduce speeding and shortcuts through the John's Landing neighborhood. 

The speed bumps run on SW Corbett Avenue from SW Boundary through SW Nebraska. Speed bumps are often known as sleeping policeman, a kipping cop, a slow child, and a speed ramp. In the United States we call them speed bumps, but in other countries they would more formally be called speed humps. Speed bumps are technically considered considerably smaller, like something you might see in a store parking lot. So what Corbett has are speed humps.

SW Corbett is often used as a shortcut to Barbur Blvd and Taylors Ferry Rd. Hopefully this will reduce traffic and also slow speeders down. After all, there is small children at play. 

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