Welcome to our new Site

Welcome to Johnslanding.org! We're proud to introduce this site today and hope you'll enjoy all its wonderful content and media. The site is a sister of Portland's guide to the Pearl District | PearlHelp.com. They're both inspired to help residents and visitors of the neighborhoods plan their trips around town. John's Landing was picked because it's my new residence! I previously lived in the Pearl District and loved it, I decided a change like this would be fun. So far I have enjoyed my time in John's Landing. I got a neat apartment right off Corbett. 

If you have any business updates or would like to suggest one, please contact us. It's no charge to list here or update. 

Also, please check out our nice Facebook Page. It'll probably be quite small for awhile but that's ok. To me, part of what makes John's Landing what it has become today is the quiet laid back feeling.

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