The History of John's Landing

The History of John's Landing

Where does the name originate?

B.P. John Furniture Company...

The name, John's Landing, refers to the B.P. John Furniture Company. The area was first known for industrial structures. The furniture company, along with two architects John W. Storrs and John D. Gray, privately converted the area into a residential paradise. They included mostly residential developments with commercial accents. The area was previously known as Fulton. Today, the neighborhood is most well known as John's 8878_M_W_400Landing, but sometimes can also be called Corbett, SW Portland, Willamette Park neighborhood, and the Macadam district. 

The neighborhood particularly developed along the riverfront in the 1990's. Today, condos on the riverfront have exceeded equity figures and are often sold quick. This newer area features a walking & biking trail along the river, this is privately owned and maintain (but open to the public).  

Zupans is the only grocery store in John's Landing, while previously a small grocery store was on SW Nebraska and Virginia. 

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