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How do I know if my business is already listed?

View the complete list here.

How do I get my business listing updated?

You may have your listing updated anytime by contacting us. No charge! Note: we typically like a one paragraph description and logo for each listing.

Can my business be a 'featured' listing?

Yes, but there is a $10/month fee. Currently there is no waiting list. Expect to see your business located on the homepage and more. 

Do you offer advertising?

Yes, you can expect to be well advertised for around $50/month. Contact us to learn more.

How much does it cost to list here? And maintain the listing?

The listings cost $0 to create, maintain, or update. Crazy, right? 

Can I have my listing excluded from

Yes, of course. Contact us anytime. But keep in mind if your the only grocery store in the neighborhood, and you wish to be excluded that may leave the community a bit lonely. 

I noticed this is a .org website, does that mean you're nonprofit? 

This is not a nonprofit. The website is individually owned and not part of any LLC or Corporation. The income is very minimal and more of a hobby.

I really like this site! How can I get more involved?

We're always looking for new content. After all, one of the hardest things in creating a great website is content. If you would like to write a blog post, update another business listing your familiar with, or just fix some info we have - please do inquire

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